Mabest Football Club – an integral part of our social lives

Football remains an integral part of our social lives, helping children breakout of their cocoon, expressing their talents through the game and equipping them with skills to deal with complex situations. It also has impact to Nigerian economy, as we have continuously witnessed “grass to grace” stories from our Nigerian international football stars playing in top premier leagues around the world and sending money back home to support their families, relatives and friends.

Mabest Elementary Football Club was established to enable children between the ages of 4 and 7 years to learn football skills from certified coaches, with the support of the CEO of the school. Mabest Elementary Football Club presents a lifetime opportunity where young boys and girls can develop the foundational skills required to become great footballers.

The Club represents a modern and child-friendly approach to youth football, challenging the win-at-all-costs mentality that has previously been stifling development and enjoyment for children. This helps in developing primary school-aged children, to offer them mixed gender football clubs as well as Girl’s only clubs. Children receive all-round football education that not only focuses on their physical and technical development but also the psychological and social elements for players.

Mabest Elementary Football Club coaching philosophy is heavily influenced by worldwide training methods that place key emphasis on ball mastery. We have created pathways for children to progress through our football club and be challenged each step of the way. Innovative training sessions sit at the core of our offerings and we have added structured competitive fixtures against selected clubs.

To this end, this year’s camp programme has been modified to ensure that it is even more impactful. Participants will be engaged in a range of activities such as: team games, inspirational movie nights and emotional intelligence training etc., with a focus on mental and emotional development, while creating a spring board for future exploits.

Mabest Elementary Football Club programme is criteria driven and is based upon minimum required standards relating to coaching qualifications, facilities, recruitment and support structures.

Our aim is to prepare young players and train them to become full-grown professional footballers.